Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spinning Tonight

Just wanted to get the map out there for anyone wanting to attend the trainer night tonight. Bring your bike and a trainer or call Carrie to see if we've got extras.

The meeting/social last night was awesome and we'll have some updates soon...stay tuned. Thanks to all that joined us!

**Also, it's worth noting that the "soapbox" issue, from last week is still getting comments and views daily. I encourage everyone to periodically check that. There's a new comment from a pessimistic "anonymous" skeptic. It got me hot under the collar in a whole new way. I almost deleted (because I have that kind of power, you know), but left it there. Criticism is everywhere and it's not healthy to deny it's voice. Even if it is lazy, apathetic and nonconstructive criticism...

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Kuna said...

Dude I think I see a lot of sweat