Monday, December 17, 2007

Psycho-Cross Nationals

"There were hundreds of wrecks. At one point the announcer figured the average for each rider was running 3 spills every 10 minutes. Forks were broken, wheels flew off and it was just quite the eye opener for yours truly. In fact, the race winners were those who were able to keep the tire side down the most."
Read more of Syd's account at Sydspinnin

Syd managed a podium for her masters race (2nd!) and finished the women's elite (which is an accomplishment that should not be under appreciated). As Carrie and I frantically ran from sketchy corner to off-camber to the run-ups I was constantly thankful I was not riding, let alone racing, in these conditions. Nasty, nasty stuff.

In weather like this, the course changed constantly; from day to day and race to race. YouTube videos, posted by Jim Gentes (founder of Giro Helmets), is an excellent way to appreciate the race while not having to deal with cold fingers and toes at your anearobic threshold. It's worth noting that Mr. Gentes finished 6th out of 44 finishers and about 100 starters.

Kudos (a billion kudos) to all who stepped up to the start-line this past weekend. Maybe I'll have the guts by next year.

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