Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nike + Lance

Today I ran (out of necessity) from my hotel here in rainy San Fran (actually, when I ran it wasn't raining, but that's the forecast for the week I'll be here!). So, I ran from my hotel, like I always do. Ran down to the waterfront and along the Embarcadero, like I always do. It was a bit chilly so my pace was a bit higher so I could warm up. Plus, I was happy it wasn't raining.

When my workout was done; I stop my fancy new Nike/iPod thing and Lance comes on over the headphones congratulating me on my personal best mile time. I think I laughed outloud. But then I noticed myself kind of beaming, like, "Hey, yeah, that was a pretty good run and Lance just told me so".

Ha! Dammit if Nike and Apple aren't spot on and hearing Lance Armstrong's previously recorded voice isn't inspirational. Dammit if I'm not too cheesy for loving this expensive and unnecessary gadget!

Made me laugh. I'm such a sucker.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fluffy Bunnies and Hugs

After months of working with Carrie on the website, planning, proposals and clinics, it was nice to have some affirmation on our direction. We are headed in a good one and with a good group. Of that I'm sure. So, after cleaning up the last taco shell from our lustrious QDoba spread and the last beer bottle rattled in the recycling bin at The Church Key, Carrie and I drove away abuzz about a year full of excitement.

I'm relieved--as many of the attendees of last night's meeting were--that our inagural "meet + greet" for 2007 wasn't just me, Carrie and a handful of our supportive friends shoveling down some tacos and blaming low attendance on the weather. There were roughly 30 women braving the cold night for our first social. The exciting part for us was hearing from all those that COULDN'T make it, but sincerely had intended and wanted to.

There are a lot of people out there: riding their trainers, braving sub-freezing temperatures, wistfully looking over the dashboard of their cars as they commute, attending various spin classes and so on. We'll get them together.

Thanks to those who came and supported and to those that continue to do so "behind the scenes". We are sincerely grateful for everyone's enthusiasm. It is contagious and will lead to the success of the "revolution" we intend to start. The real success of this club lies within each member and rider and the strength of the network we create. We'll need your continued support and feedback to build that. We can't wait to hear from everyone, collectively, individually or otherwise.

Feel free to use the stlrevolution FORUM to do so. (hint, hint)

Until next time. Ride on, my friends. And let me know if you're riding, too. (forum, hint, hint).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meet and Greet: Tonight!

Just a quick, obligitory note about our meeting at the Church Key (with food provided by QDoba, people!). Check it out at our site.

On another note, last week was my first time ever getting "up" on the rollers all by myself with no doorway or other props. Yay!

And one more note, I lost my first race today. In the basement. On my rollers. Carrie was spouting out a race simulation at the end of my ride today and I gave up my break away. I conceded at 186 bpm, with a minute and a half left in the race and the pack was 10 seconds off. I have no idea what that means. 10 seconds doesn't sound like enough and I just gave up. I didn't even try to hang on as they passed me. Lame.

It was a good race to lose, I guess.

Hope to see a lot of people tonight! Racers and non-racers. I want to believe there are other people out there who might like to ride a bicycle.