Tuesday, January 22, 2008

you think I don't know?

We're lame. I know. We're busy! It's almost 11pm and we're here working--that's how busy!!! I have three things:

This makes me feel like, "Why aren't we doing more?" we could be saving the world, but we're not. Sometimes, though, I feel like we're doing something. Bringing me to my second point.

We may be lame and running around in circles and riding bicycles. But this club, this big picture is something I, we, are passionate about. I'd like to document it; if for no other reason that to feel justified in my obsession. I get the feeling that other people are passionate too. If so, pleaseEmail me! with your candid thoughts or quotes or photos (if I don't have them already!).

Aside from just being busy from life in general, we're putting some time (mostly Sydney) into building our new site and its functionality. You can get a sneak peak here.


Teresa said...

Have you guys ever purchased anything from Nau? I've been curious about their stuff for a while but I've not ordered anything from them.

sydney_b said...

I just put in an order (2 pants, 2 capris). Hit their clearance rack. I'll let you know how the sizing goes. Really like the look of the stuff.