Friday, January 04, 2008

Yahoo...What a great start to the New Year

Everyone played well together....
A few quick pics about our Team get together over Dec. 29th and 30th
We came together, laughed, sprinted, and pacelined while we learned where team dynamics begin.
But check out a few photos.

Requirement #1 for 2008: You must be happy, and strong!!!(with your arms)
Requirement #2: You must DOG sit!

***Unfortunately, we do not have a photo right now for requirement #3, however, You MUST be able to dance, and be able to get your groove on!!
Be on the lookout for some stronger photos. (Hint, no dopers allowed)


CresceNet said...

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sydney_b said...

Was a blast. So cool to have met everyone and can't wait to get to racin'

Jessica (aka Baby Bomber) said...

Yes, and I will humbly leave the competition on the road...rather than the arm wrestling table or the leg wrestling floor...